Thursday, June 23, 2011

Indescribable. DVD by Louie Giglio

  • God is indescribable. Using astronomy to emphasize it.
  • Stars are shouting out to us that God is indescribable.
  • Show of the splendor and the majesty of God who created the universe.
  • We are really small and not in the center of our galaxy. Quarter and the galaxy is like the north America continent.
  • What is man that you are mindful of him.
  • Sun: intense power radiant splendor. That’s what came out of God’s mouth. Not a namsy pamsy God we are worshipping.
  • He who did not consider equality of God something to be grasped..
  • As high as the heavens is above, so great is the Father love for us.
  • There’s grace everywhere.
  • The cross in the black hole center of thewhirlpool galaxy
  • Thank you for astronomical grace for teeny tiny people like us to rescue us back into His loving arms.

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